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, Ms Jackie Phuket,



    Von Klebong
  • FCI:

    All Breeds

Jackie's first ever personally owned dog was a Miniature Poodle having been reared with Labradors and Greyhounds which her father owned. During her early years of marriage they had a GSD and then a Dalmatian and this latter breed started her on the road to dog shows. Jackie was fortunate enough to inherit a lovely bitch whom she bred and subsequently from this litter showed her first ever champion under her prefix VON KLEBONG. However shortly after this first success in 1962, Jackie discovered Dobermanns and her life was set from there! She went on to breed 18 Champions in all including a male exported to England that became Dobermann of the Year. Jackie has also owned Shih Tzu's, WHWT, Bassets and Pekingese in which several Champions were bred and now just one very beloved Japanese Chin from HOMERBRENT in England. Her judging career started in 1968 when she did her first "open" show in Malaysia. Having enjoyed the experience she started upon the long haul to Championship status and was awarded All Breeds finally in 1977 by the Singapore Kennel Club. She is now an FCI International accredited judge. Since that time she has frequently judged in most of the following countries - Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bahrain, Malta, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada & the USA. The pinnacle of Jackie's career was judging Dobermanns at Crufts, an appointment most breeders dream of at some time.