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, Ms Robyn Victoria,



  • ANKC:


Robyn has been involved with Smooth Fox Terriers for over thirty years. She has bred and exhibited under the Ecirp prefix. Their kennels have produced over 60 championsGrand champions and are still producing Best In Group and Specialty winning exhibits. Robyn gained her Terrier licence in 2007. Her first judging appointment was in Melbourne at the prestigious KCC Park Show in 2008. She also judged The Fox Terrier Club of NSW fox terrier Specialty in August 2008. In 2009 she judged at the Ballarat All Breeds Championship show. In November 2009, she will be judging Terriers at the Belconnen show in Canberra. She looks looking forward to contributing to the dog world by being a custodian of the Terrier breeds. Breeds Robyn has had the pleasure of handling include the Airedale, Smooth and Wire Fox terriers when on the tip-toe of expectation are delightful to display and the tough and tenacious Scottish Terrier, who is one of her favourites. The Scotty is inspirational when he displays his head-up tail-up terrier attitude. Others she has shown are the workman-like Cairn with his fearless and gay disposition; the graceful yet powerful Kerry blue; the Bull Terrier who is awesome when he displays his true gladiator character; the smart Jack Russell of keen expression; the bold, fearless and totally reliable Staffordshire Bull Terrier; the stocky yet graceful American Staffordshire Terrier and the lovable little demon Norfolk Terrier. She believes that through handling so many different breeds she has come to understand the similar yet individual qualities of the Terrier breeds.