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, Mr Peter Perth,



  • ANKC:

    All Breeds

Along with his Rita, they purchased a German Shepherd bitch in 1977 and entered the world of showing purebred dogs. In a matter of weeks his wife was bored of watching him in the show ring and decided to purchase a dog for her to show. She instantly fell in love with Samoyeds and they purchased their first show puppy in 1977. It was not long before Peter could not resist their charms and purchased a male for himself to show. They bred their first litter of Samoyeds in 1979, which also produced their first of many Australian Champions under the Snowdara prefix. Having dogs which could not be shown for long periods due to loss of coat, saw them obtain other breeds that would allow them to continually show all year round. Peter and his wife exhibited, owned and bred one litter each of Border Collies and Afghans in the 80's. 1987 saw them enter into another breed being Lhasa Apso's, once again they fell in love with another breed that was long coated but this time a lot smaller. Their first puppy saw them lead the ranks in the breed in their state and still today her record has not been matched. Currently they still actively show and breed Samoyeds and Lhasa Apso's under their Snowdara prefix and have only recently stopped showing in the hound ring. Their Samoyeds and Lhasa Apso's bred under the Snowdara prefix have been producing Australian Champions and obtaining wins at all levels of the show ring since 1977. This involvement saw Peter and his wife enter the dog judges arena in 1982, with Peter gaining All Breeds status in 1996. Judging extensively throughout Australia including the Canberra Royal show, his overseas appointments include Indonesia, Singapore and New Zealand and South Africa. He has judged breed specialty shows in: Samoyeds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Boxers and Pekingese breeds.