Show Dog Judges Profiles


, Mr Michael Cambridgeshire,




Michael has always had an interest in animals, and had pets of different types in his formative years. He registered his affix, ADORAM, in 1951 while still a teenager, and successfully bred and exhibited Pugs, going on to become one of the youngest judges to award CCs in the breed at Crufts at the age of 29. His aunt shared his love of animals and together they built up an extremely successful boarding kennel in Cambridge shire, which was patronised by many famous people, including Royalty. However, once Michael's judging started to take him across the globe the kennel was sold; subsequently he worked with Mike Geary FRCVS for a number of years, helping with field work on the parvo vaccine. Michael has also successfully bred and exhibited Rottweiler's, Norwegian Buhunds and Basenjis, winning in excess of 200 CCs - and many of the top dogs in these breeds carry the Adoram affix, including the 2001 Crufts BIS winner. Cats have also been bred and exhibited under the Adoram affix, many of them CC winners - and Michael also judges at British cat shows. Michael is approved by the Kennel Club to award CCs in more than 70 breeds, plus Groups and BIS at championship show level. He has had the honour of judging three of the seven groups at Crufts (Toys, Utility and Working), plus several stakes finals. He has judged in Scandinavia, Australia, Canada, Africa, America, Japan, New Zealand, Barbados, Trinidad, Ireland, Greece and Spain.