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, Mr Diogo Juiz


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Diogo is officially recognised by the Portuguese Kennel Club (CPC) and the Federation Cynologique Internacional (FCI) since 1976. - Championship Judge in the Australian Kennel Club and English Kennel Club books. - Breeder, since 1956, of Wire Fox Terriers, Shorthair Fox Terriers, Estrela Mountain Dogs, Portuguese Podengos and Dobermanns. - Director and Editor of the monthly Portuguese dogs magazine "O Mundo Canino". - Founder-member of Estrela Mountain Dog Association in England. - Founder-member of Dobermann Association of Portugal. - Founder-member of Castro Laboreiro Dog Club of Portugal. - Founder-member of LICRASE - Liga dos Criadores e Amigos do C?o da Serra da Estrela - Portugal (Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog). - Founder-member of the Delegation in Oporto city of the Portuguese Kennel Club in 1966 (CPC). - Ex-Delegate of the Portuguese Kennel Club in Oporto (CPC). - Ex-President of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Kennel Club (CPC). - Ex-member of Judges Committee, Portuguese Breeds Committee and Shows Committee of Portuguese Kennel Club (CPC). - Ex-President of the Technical Committee of the Portuguese Kennel Club (CPC) - President of the General Assembly of the St. Bernard Portuguese Club (2004-2009). - President of the Directors Board of APCC-Portuguese Association of Cinology and Cinofily (2004-2007). - Judge at World Dog Show - Portugal 2001. - Judge at Royal Melbourne Dog Show 2004 - Australia. - Judge at Centenary Dog Show - KUSA - Kennel Union of South Africa - Cape Town 2007. - Judge at 75th anniversary of CBKC - Confederation Brazilian Kennel Club, Rio de Janeiro, May 2007. - Frequent Judge in Europe, Africa, Americas, Far East and Australia. Speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian.