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, Mr John Alaska,



  • AKC:

    Working, Toy

A Southern California native having been born, and for the most part, raised and educated there. John's parents were of the thought that travel was the best education, so based on this premise his traveling days started very early. He was indeed fortunate enough to have the opportunity to live in several countries and was always interested in different cultures, especially Spanish and Latin American culture which led him to pursue his interest in medieval and Renaissance Literature. As far back as he can remember there has always been a dog in his life. Being somewhat sickly as a child and unable to do much running and playing with other children, his parents bought him a dog as companion. It was at this point in his life that he think he became imprinted with dogs in general and his interest in dogs eventually grew to showing and breeding Saint Bernard's. John had the privilege of co-owning and backing Am. Ch. Figaro von Haus Steinbach a German Import, group contender and BISS winner. Eventually they added the Skye Terriers, producing several homebred champions over the years, Persian Cats and had a growing passion for the Newfoundland. Over the years John has owned, shown and backed several breeds, currently owning two Skye Terriers, a Japanese Chin, a King Charles Spaniel,a Pug a Smooth Fox Terrier and a French Bulldog names Ella. Currently they are exhibiting a top ranking Chihuahua in the United States. In the early 70's John was granted provisional status for his first three breeds spread out over those early years. Somewhat curtailing his showing and judging interests he pursued his educational and travel interests. John had the opportunity to judge in Wales with the honor of awarding CC Certificates in Skye Terriers on that occasion and the opportunity to officiate in Ireland. Judging has become a passion, a privilege and a very rewarding experience.

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