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, Linda Westerwald,



    Tsihmao's, Lin-pearl's

Dog's have been at Linda's side for over 40 years. These years were crowned with greathighs and naturally, what must be counted as well, lows. A great time which she would not have wanted to miss. Linda thinks often and with melancholy on her dear dog friends which were a part of her life and accompanied her. Each in his own way different and special, but they were her dogs! Linda owes a special "Thank You" to her husband who makes this hobby possible and who stands by her side with a good eye for quality and form. 1968, Linda got a Pekingese. This breed had already fascinated her as a child. He was not like the Pekingese we know today, but a little old-fashioned. His legs were too long, his hair too thin and his nose a bit too long; in short, not a dog one would see a dog show. During a tragic accident Linda lost him and her first thought was that "I must have another one by my side". By coincidence she did get to know a lady who had a successful Pekingese kennel in northern Germany, and it was she who gave Linda the chance to purchase a female (bitch) Thus in 1972 became her kennel Lin-Pearl's for Pekingese, protected by the FCI, and the great adventure DOG could begin. Linda made contacts to other foreign lands, especially to England, today's motherland of the modern Pekingese. Beautiful friendships ensued which today she still treasures. Set to learn all there is to learn about this breed, Linda was and is still ready to lap it all up. Her male Ch. Brabanta Etive Darius received in 1973 at the Dortmund's WorldExhibition the Reserve CACIB prize. Linda imported additional dogs from good lines and began to built up my own Pekingese breeding. In the shortest of time the name Lin-Pearl became a concept to the German Pekingese breeders. Many champions were until 1987 in her possession or were for other breeders successful. Since August 3th 2002, Linda had an adorable Pekingese female NK: Ch. Hotpoint's You're The One. At a dog show in Denmark in 1974, Linda saw one Shih-Tzu, and right away was fascinated from this breed. Shih-Tzus were in Germany not well known then. Her first thought was that he who likes the Yorkshire Terrier because of his nice colour and beautiful hair, but would like a little larger dog, would like the Shih-Tzu. He who will like to have an active, moveable dog like a Pekingese, but would not like to miss the nice facial expression and the shorter nose, will also like the Shih-Tzu. She was right! After the founding of the International Shih-Tzu Club e.v. in 1980, the climb to this breed in Germany began. She purchased two females 1976 from the known kennel Keytor and started to successfully breed Shih-Tzus in this country and elsewhere. In 1979 Linda lost her heart on an unusual looking dog, the Shar-Pei, for her pioneer's work with big surprises, then as now, after 20 years with this breed. A great breed for whom her heart bleeds when someone speaks badly about them. Absolutely responsible, highly intelligent, questioning stranger when they first meet, but absolutely loyal to the family. Having always been fascinated by this short-nosed dog, Linda bought herself a King Charles Spaniel in 1984, and bred this breed until 1994, again with great success and many titles. King Charles dogs are very vocal dogs and she opted not to bother her patient neighbours any longer with the dogs barking. Today Linda and her husband live with their dogs in a country-part in Germany called Westerwald in a beautiful natural reserve. With