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, Mr Carlos


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    All Breeds

When his sister returned to Buenos Aires from USA she brought two Bedlington Terriers with her. They were just her pets and they never thought of showing them until a Committee Member of the Canine Society saw them walking them and convinced them to start showing them in the Argentine Terrier Club Championship Show. That was in 1963 and since then they never stopped being involved in the dog scene. In 1964 they had the first litter and kept two bitches, one of them become the first Argentine Champion. In 1970 Carlos started with English Cocker Spaniels and bred few champions at a time when the quality of the Cockers in Argentina was very high. He also owned Ch Lochranza Strolloway who went Res BIS at Crufts. When moving to England in 1978 he decided to start with Shih Tzu's and imported one from Sweden. By the middle of the 80's he started to judge abroad a lot so stopped breeding, but in the late 90's he realized how much he was missing it. By that time he only had a pet Pug and an old Shih Tzu so after a lot of consideration he started with Wire-haired Miniature Dachshunds and now he's also back in Shih Tzu's. His first judging appointment was in Open Show for Terrier breeds in 1969 and in 1970 he judged Terriers in the biggest show in Buenos Aires and by 1974 he was approved by the FCA to judge all breeds. He has judged in most of the European countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Kenya, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Israel. The highlights of his judging career has been judging at the World Dog Shows in Bern and Porto, European Winner Show in Copenhagen, The Stockholm Winter Show, the Finnish Winner Show and Crufts in 2004 were he had the record entry ever in Bedlingtons -112 dogs!