Show Dog Judges Profiles


, Mr Godofredo




While the American Cocker Spaniel was his first breed, it was the Doberman that really started his commitment to the world of showing and breeding purebred dogs. His first dobe, which was acquired in 1990 became the top winning and a top-producing bitch during her time and was behind all the Dobermans that carry the Aegis prefix. Many of her progeny became multi-Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show Winners, in the process earning for themselves the Philippine Champion, Grand Champion and Hall of Fame titles. He has also shown and bred a number of Champion Whippets including the very first local born to attain the Philippine Hall of Fame title for this breed. A professional management consultant, he has been sharing his organizational expertise with a number of canine organizations in the Philippines. He was a past president of the Philippine Doberman Federation, was the founding president of the Cavite Canine Club, Inc., and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. (PCCI) since 2008. In 2009, he was elected as Vice President of the PCCI, a position he holds till the present. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Corporate Planning Committee as well as member of the Affiliated Clubs, Judges Development and Licensing, Membership and Finance Committees. These days, he shares his home and farm with a Doberman, a Miniature Pinscher, a Belgian Sheepdog, a Jack Russel Terrier, two Basenjis and a Labrador Retriever. In addition to American Cocker Spaniels and Whippets, he has had a Saluki, Toy Poodles, and Belgian Malinois in the past. He judged his first breed in 2000 and was first allowed to judge All-Breeds in 2010. He has judged in various parts of the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.