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, Mr Javier Madrid,



    Barba Negra, Bocagüay
  • FCI:

    All Breeds

Javier has been a F.C.I. Judge since 1975. All-Rounder and Specialist in Schnauzers, Terriers, Akita Inu and French Bulldogs. He was the first foreign Spanish speaking judge to judge in the United States at the beginning of eighties, and the first Spanish judge to award CC's at Cruft's Dog Show. He has judged in Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Portugal, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Italy, San Marino, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia-Montenegro, Israel, Marocco, South Africa, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Javier introduced the Giant Schnauzer to Spain in the seventies, and has been in the breed of both colours, Black and Salt & Pepper with his kennel name "Barba Negra", producing many World Champions, European Champions, International Champions, Winners Amsterdam, Jahressieger and Bundessieger in Germany, etc. Over the last few years he has been breeding Jack Russel Terriers with his original stock imported from Australia, and French Bulldogs under the prefix name "Bocagüay". He is also very involved in Teckels and owns several specimens. He was Founder and first President of the "Club Español de Terriers" for 15 years; Founder and first President of the "Club Español del Schnauzer" for 10 years; Founder and President of the "Club Español de Amigos del Bulldog Francés" for 6 years; Editor of the magazine "Doggy People" in the seventies, the first one published in Spanish about the pure breed dogs and shows; Vice president of the Spanish Kennel Club in the eighties; Delegate in Spain of the ATIBOX many years before the Boxer Club of Spain was made, Delegate in Spain of the Japan Kennel Club for the Breed Akita Inu, Usual speaker at conferences in international cultural circuits; Author of several books about dogs like The Great Book of all Terriers, The New Book of the Giant Schnauzer, The New Book of the Miniature Schnauzer, The Art of Judging Dogs and hundreds of articles in magazines of different countries. Javier has the honor of being awarded the Gold badge of the Spanish Kennel Club, the Gold badge of the Club Español del Schnauzer, the Gold badge of the Pinscher-Schnauzer Club of Germany, and is an Honorary Life President of the Club Español de Terriers, an Honorary Life President of the Club Español de Amigos del Bulldog Francés, an Honorary Judge of the Japan Kennel Club, and holds the title of Cinologist of the High School of Animals Science and Arts of the Veterinaries Association of Spain.