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, Ms Elaine H S National Capital Region,



    Tytus Field
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Elaine's fascination with the show ring began in 1996, when Phil Gr Ch Meadows Fanto became the first Beagle to achieve Hall of Fame status in the Philippines. A few years later, she established Tytus Field Kennel, which has, since its inception, produced countless champions and multiple Hall of Fame awardees of Best in Show accolade. A significant number of these dogs serve as the foundation for highly successful younger kennels. To fellow aficionados, she advocates the canine’s total well-being which includes health, grooming, training, and conditioning. Presently, her contributions continue to revolutionize the standard of the breed.

Elaine has also involved herself with several other breeds such as: Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, and Golden Retriever. Among them, she co-owns Ph Gr Ch Beracah Creme' St Honore, the number one Golden Retriever of 2006, as well as several V-rated Rottweilers that have won “Sieger” and “Siegerin” titles under ADRK judges.

She was on the Board of Directors of the Philippine Canine Club (PCCI), was an active member of its Affiliated Club Committee, the Administrative and Planning Committee, and was co-chairperson of the Owner-Handling Committee. She was also a founding member and honorary adviser to the Philippine Hound Group Club. With her kennel, Elaine was the first breeder to be presented with the Award of Excellence for her outstanding contributions to the beagle breed, and was awarded Third Breeder of the Year (All-Breed) in 2003, 2005, and 2007.

Elaine believes that it is a judge’s responsibility to not only “look” at a dog, but to “see” it – to find purpose within a specimen’s form and movements, to distinguish between its virtues and flaws, and to cultivate its given merits – which, in turn, ultimately leads to the betterment of each breed. As a canine judge, Elaine has travelled across the country and has been invited to shows in Thailand, Poland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Cyprus. She is proud to have had the privilege of judging the Junior Handling Competition in Johannesburg. Her dedication to the noble, pure-bred sport is exemplified in her achievements as an exhibitor, breeder, and judge.

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